What is the true meaning of Christmas? This question was not as hard to answer before, but now a days it is quite difficult to pin for most of the world. The meaning of Christmas for many people is the simple fact of spending time with loved ones and opening gifts. As much fun as these things are, they still do not define Christmas. These things are only but byproducts of the true meaning and significance of Christmas.


The meaning of Christmas began around 2,000 years ago in the small town of Bethlehem, Israel in a small stable with a new born baby lying in a manager. No rooms at the surrounding inns and the only somewhat reasonable area being a stable. For most people at this time and even today look at the beginning of this story and setting as nothing too far apart from different. But as soon as you add that the baby in the manage was to be King of all things, then things take a little twist.

This past Sunday I conducted a sermon for our small gathering at a local coffee shop that we call our church. The sermon was on the meaning of Christmas through scripture, both in the new testament story line and old testament prophecy. You can listen to the full sermon by clicking the link here to learn more: The Meaning Of Christmas

-Michael Thacker

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