Putting Your Faith In The Correct Place

Putting Your Faith In The Correct Place

There are many peoples, things and places we put our trust in on a daily basis. We seek comfort and peace a lot of times from sources of familiarity. But all in all these people and things will ultimately leave us empty and hopeless at the end of the path. Putting our faith in the correct place is by far one of the most crucial aspects of living in this fallen world.

Every once in a while I catch myself praying that the Lord help me in a particular area of struggle, but end up finding myself looking for help and safety from other sources. For instances when my wife and I were struggling financially a while ago we prayed and sought the Lord, but we kept looking at our job or other ventures to save us. When all hope failed I began to slow down, put fear and worry away and simply trust in the Lord. Ultimately He did provide through our work, but He wants us to trust in Him and not necessarily rely on ourselves or other things.


We need to put our full trust in the Source where the blessings reside, not the vessels in which the blessings flow through. The devil likes to trip us up in this area by setting certain tough obstacles in front of us and then whisper in our ears the fallacy of trusting in our own strength and knowledge, instead of trusting the Almighty Himself. When we simply let go and let God control the situation with patience in mind and peace within our hearts, we can then be rest assured that all will be well.

Sometimes the Lord will bring us to the brink of collapse before blessing us in order to truly see where our hearts and faith are set at, and thus ultimately building us stronger and closer to Him. Abraham is a prime example of this brink collapse as the Lord made a promise through Abraham’s seed, and yet when Issac was a young man God called Abraham to sacrifice him. God did not intervene until the very brink of death where He saw Abraham’s heart and faith set within Him and His promise.

“A faithful man will abound with blessings, But he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished.” Proverbs 28:20 NKJV

No matter where you may be set at or what trials you may be faced with, just know that the Lord is with you and that you only need to simply trust Him while being patience and filled with praise. Hold strong and endure and watch the blessings of the Lord cover your life. God bless!

-Michael Thacker

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